A car without speakers is just like a party without music. The best car speakers add the extra spice to any car! They come in all types of sizes and shapes and also in different tunes. Getting an ideal speaker for your car can be a tough and difficult choice that you have to make if you do not know how to go about it you must know the size of car speaker needed how to determine the size of the speaker and also consider the cost involved in the installation so far.

Car speaker installation cost and sizes.

measuring-car-speaker-sizesThere are a variety of car speaker sizes. From the tweeters to shallow mount sub woofers, the sizes can be 3 “, 5”, 5 ¼ “6 “, 6 “, 5″×7″/ 6″×8″ and 6″×9”.
Just as car speakers come in different sizes like best double din head unit review, their prices also differ. Car speaker installation cost can range from as high as $1000 to nothing! Yes, people actually spend a thousand dollars on car speakers and some spend nothing! Others also get it at an average price of about $80. But do not be heartbroken if you do not want to spend this kind of money on your car speaker installation by doing it yourself! But remember, this can really waste your time and it can also cause damages to your car if not done right.

Measuring Car Speaker Size

Measuring car speaker size should not be a problem at all. In fact, if you know the basic things to do, all is just a piece of cake! In most cases, manufacturers of these speakers provide a database which shows areas where the speakers can fit into but for some cars, this information are not given therefore you have to go about it the hard way. You have got to take the bull by the horn and measure the old speakers manually. To measure, just follow these steps on how to measure car speaker size as follows;

  1. First, start measuring from the edge of the speaker flange to the bottom where it sits.
  2. Measure the diameter of the speaker by from where the cone drops down to below the flange.
  3. Measure the width of the screw holes needed for mounting.
  4. Want to know what speakers fit my car? Compare your measurements with other speakers that you wish to purchase and see if you will get a match!

All the parameters mentioned above are important points you should take note of when dealing with car speakers. You can now deal with common issues concerning your car speakers!